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Risk to Benefit Stats Chiropractic Versus Medical

Risk to Benefit Stats Chiropractic Versus Medical
by Dr. Barry Coniglio

Read Risk to Benefit Stats Chiropractic Versus Medical by Dr. Barry Coniglio to learn more about Coniglio Chiropractic Wellness Center and our Chiropractic office in Mantua, NJ.

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Important Comparative Statistics

Every form of health care can contain some risk and the media often sensationalize those risks and create fear. But what are the real numbers? The following shows a comparison between spinal manipulation, spinal surgery, and anti-inflammatory drugs (non-steroidal).

Your patients need to know these statistics.

Cervical Spine Manipulation:

Complication 2.09 per million

Death .268 per million

Cervical Spine Surgery:

Complication 15,600 per million

Death 6,900 per million

Anti-inflammatory drugs:

Serious gastrointestinal event (all ages) 1,000 per million

Serious gastrointestinal event (65 and over) 3,200 per million

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Dr. Barry Coniglio

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