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Dr. Coniglio’s Book – Help Your Chronic Condition Nightmare

Dr. Coniglio’s Book – Help Your Chronic Condition Nightmare

Help Your Chronic Condition Nightmare bookDr. Barry Coniglio is the author of the book “Help Your Chronic Condition Nightmare”.

If you are suffering with Migraine Headaches, Herniated Disc Pain, Fibromyalgia, Vertigo, Chronic Fatigue and chronic pain or ill, it is my hope this book will be a vehicle leading to the knowledge and understanding that you can change things. Here, I strive to present that knowledge to you.

Ask yourself the following questions: How has your chronic condition affected your relationships, finances, family, or other activities? What has it cost you in time, money, happiness and sleep? Where do you picture yourself in the next one to three years if your condition is not taken care of soon? What is it worth to you if we could improve your condition? Good health means to experience the peace of mind, meaning and value in life which allow us to cope with the challenges we face.

It turns out that people who experience a high quality of life have a stronger immune system, are sick less often and have shorter illness by disease than people who do not experience life as good and meaningful. My mission as a physician is to help you achieve peace of mind and assist you in finding value in life through treating your illness and lessening your pain. We all face challenges as our lives evolve, and my mission is to help you achieve self-actualization and be as happy and healthy as possible.

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